Timber shutters are a part of everybody's wish list. Defying trends, our range are all hand crafted and ensure maximum visual pleasure for years to come. Choose a design that best suits your taste and lifestyle. Controlling light and air has never been this easy.

There are many companies claiming they have the best timber shutters on the market. Unless you have experience with timber products and the processes involved, how could you tell the difference between them all? Urban Range have researched the marketplace extensively, we have tested many types of timber shutters and have found that there are really very few timber shutter companies that consistently produce the highest quality products time after time.

Due to their price-point, the brand of Shutters you select is very important. Shutters are a fixture that you expect will stand up to the test of time. It is pointless to save a few dollars today only to be forced to spend the entire amount and more in a couple of years when an inferior product fails.

At Urban Range we have fully licensed carpenters and technicians who custom design and install your shutters. We are typically able to eliminate the need for any ugly framing and ensure that the louvers are positioned into the window cavity to form part of the window design.

Our experienced sales and technical team is able to walk you through the various features, and potential pitfalls, in your shutter selection process.