Shoji screens

Shoji Screens are the earliest known form of moveable partition. Traditionally made from wood and a crude form of paper, over thousands of years, the principle construction of the Shoji Screen has changed little. Now with the availability of modern materials, it is possible to produce high quality and long lasting screens.

Australian made Shoji Screens are hand crafted, adding beauty and value to your home. Strong and durable, with either fiberglass or acrylic panels and solid wood frames, Shoji Screens allow light to flow while providing privacy.

Used as elegant room dividers, Shoji screens are incredibly beautiful as wardrobe doors, they can create a light filled sanctuary for an ensuite bathroom, or even partition a room within open plan spaces such as studio apartments. 

Our excellent Technical Team will work with you to custom-design the look of your screens, with options from a Traditional Japanese style through to a more streamlined, modern look.