Awnings have become a way of life for the modern Australian home. Urban Range has tried and tested many awning brands and types and by far the market leader in every respect is Markilux Awnings. The realistically priced Markilkux is designed and manufactured in Germany using cutting edge technology and the highest grade materials.

Catering specifically to Australia's climate and Australians' love of outdoor living, a Markilux custom made folding arm, conservatory or window awning is designed to meld stylishly and efficiently with its surroundings. More than simply a shade system, these awnings are the epitome of German precision engineering and design, combining superior strength and functionality with aesthetic style and beauty.

These awnings are ideal for all types of residential and commercial applications, enhancing and extending any living space. Whether you wish to transform a courtyard, balcony, conservatory, improve the appearance of a window or create additional privacy, a custom made awning will enable you to live beyond your internal space.

Particularly suited to the harsh Australian climate, awnings are energy-efficient, keeping homes cool and protecting interiors from the sun. Made from the highest quality corrosion resistant materials, these awnings easily withstand the debilitating sea air and city pollutants.

Awnings can be manual in operation or fully automated. Optional automatic and sensor control systems react to sunlight, wind and rain, providing seasonal protection for your awning. With a premium choice of over 35 awning systems, over 213 powdercoat colour choices, more than 180 fabric colours and patterns and a range of dynamic accessories like integrated lighting and heating the awning will be tailored to your exact specifications.